To all users of this website: I have been asked to remove all the Journey books - girls' and leaders' - and badge requirements. If you wish to explain why this website is so important to you, please, notify the person who sent me the email copied below, as I'm trying to make some concessions regarding the information on this website, since Girl Scouts hasn't posted their Journey nor badge requirements online. Otherwise, most info on this site will disappear soon.

Dear Mary: It has been brought to our attention that copyrighted materials owned by GSUSA are being hosted at

Please be advised that these materials are proprietary to GSUSA and may not be reproduced or distributed (which includes posting on a website) without written authorization from GSUSA. If you received authorization to post the materials from a Girl Scout council, please provide me with the name and contact information of that individual. Otherwise, please confirm by return email that the materials will be removed from the site immediately.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Deirdre Wall
Intellectual Property Specialist
Girl Scouts of the USA
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
T: 212-852-5035

Feel free to use any of these activities/games/etc. as you need them or as your troop needs them. If they are too old or young for your girls, change them. If older girls need to teach something to younger girls there are plenty of ideas here, especially on the Games page.

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