The time frame given for some of these activities may be less than is actually required. The Grade Level of each of these is stated as being K - 2 but that's only true for a few of the activities. Most can apply through the 5th grade, at least.

I hope they are useful to you and you find a way to use these as you and your girls enjoy the activities, some of which will align with badge and journey activities. Activities for older girls are listed after these, so, please, scroll down for more activities.

Websites you may find useful: Click on Science and Technology (download now) and/or Community & Expressive Arts (download now) and/or Healthy Living (download now) for some of the above activities and more.

Cornell 4-H Science Toolkit
The 4-H Science Toolkit is a collection of science activities for youth grades 3 - 6. The activities have been developed for afterschool, in-school, clubs and youth groups, camps and others wishing to explore science.f Lessons are written to be "grab and go" for any leader or teacher. Most can be taught with items found around the home and will take less than 1.5 hours to complete. Specific units of interest may be Lost Ladybugs - a citizen science actitivy for K-2 and grades 3 - 6, Entomology and Water for the Brownie Badges, Geospatial and Plant Science for Juniors, but all of the units are worth taking a look.

4-H Earth Connections
A collection of 40 activities related to the natural environment for ages 7 and up. Contains a leader's guide with lots of background and tips about teaching in the outdoors. It is written for Maine, but many activities are general enough to be used anywhere. There both indoor and outdoor activities.

Mini 4-H Curriculum
For grades K - 2/3 includes sewing, space, bugs, trees, and collections.

Mini 4-H Bugs

4-H STEM Resources for grades K - 2

The activities listed below are for children older than 3rd grade (Juniors to at least Seniors). Read through each before deciding whether it is for your group.

PBS Kids Zoom
Activities from teh TV show in 9 categories including Water, The Five Senses and Chemistry. The engineering section has several invention activities that hte girls may find exciting. Roller Coasters are great for exploring potential and kinetic energy.

Science Buddies Roller Coaster
The roller coaster we did today came from this website. It is not necessary to fullly discuss potential and kinetic energy, but here is background for you.

CSU Clean Energy Curriculum for Middle and High Schools
Light bulb or heat bulb, what's your R-value, doing a school energy audit, wind, solar, and more for Colorado middle and high school students and a great connection to GET Moving.

Sicgirls provides videos, online rsources, hands-on activities and professional development in both English and Spanish to address a powerful goal: to inspire, enable, and maximize STEM learning and participation for all girls and to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers.
Explore the activities section, Earth and Space, Engineering, Health, Physics and Chemistry, Life and Environment and Tech, to find hands-on activities that math your girls' badge and award topics.

Making science videos and good instructions on using windows Movie Maker.

Environmental Education Resources for Teachers
Check out Incredible Edible Aquifers, Earth Cleaning-Dusting the Air (colleccting particulates using Dust Catchers, instructions in folder), Clean Air Zone (a take action activity on no idle zones) and lots more.

For Seniors: Sow What?
Discovering the Food System
This guilded experiential learning program is designed primarily for youth ages 12 to 18 and uses places where students live, eat, work, learn, and play - the school cafeteria, local food stores, nearby canneries, restaurants and farms - as a laboratory for learning about th efood system. Youth meet real people that represent different parts or aspects of teh food system - farmers, grocers, restaurateurs, processors, and marketers, as well as community citizens to gain in-depth understanding of their community food system. Understanding what may need to change leads to community involvement and action.

National Youth Science Day
The first Friday of October is 4-H National Youth Science Day. 2012's project was Ecobot Challenge - a fun activity to promote science and math. You may have to register, but then you have access to all materials.

Robotics Facilitator Resources
How to become a 4-H Robotics leader: Getting Started guide and training modules on developing, supporting and teaching your group.

California Activity Guide for Quick 4-H SET Activities
Nice background on Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) ready programs and some quick fun activities. Not all links are active, but still a good resource. You may have to register with California 4-H to download the materials, but they are free.

Power of the Wind Grab and Goes
A set of nine activities that can be downloaded free from the 4-H curriculum site. There are alos Grab and Go activities for Exploring Your Environment.

4-H AgriScience
A curriculum that is completely on-line with lots of biotechnology and Ag business activities.