For all who have asked about SWAPS I'm adding some links for you to peruse.


Taco Girl Scout SWAPS
Materials Needed:
  • Felt, colors: tan, yellow, green, dark brown and red
  • glue
  • Flat back pin
  • Tag
Cut tan felt(shell) into a circle. Shread green(lettuce) and yellow(cheese) felt. Make small strips of dark brown felt(meat) and small squares of red felt(tomatoes).
  • Fill your taco, glue as you go. Fold in half and glue again.
  • Hot glue flat back pin on back.
  • Add the tag to the pin.
Added Tips:
All SWAPS that are going to be traded should have a tag with some information about the giver. First name, troop level and number, and state works well as a rememberence for the receiver and keeps safety issues in mind.


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