The songs on the following links came from a song book my older sister started when she was a Girl Scout camp counselor in 1966 and I continued when I became a leader in the 1970s. You may find some of them outdated. If you don't know the tune, I'm sorry. I don't have anyway of putting the tunes online right now. I know I've left out a lot from when my girls were in Scouting and I'll add them when I can find the lyrics.
In the meantime, enjoy those you do know.

If you have the lyrics to other songs you'd like to include, send them to me at I'll put them on as soon as possible.
I'm also looking into for some SWAPS and Crafts I can put online.

For more songs try this website:

This website is not about songs but it is about Girl Scouts and all the reasons we are leaders: